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We offer a peaceful place of rest. You can stay with us in the B&B. Or visit us with your own camper / tent / caravan.

Always contact us for this service: We only have a few places available.

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Sweat Loge Ceremony

To Join us for a Sweat Loge Ceremony:


For individual healing sessions. Acupuncture, massage, coaching of shamanic healing:

What we offer you

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The only way to heal yourself and the world around you: Is to be honest, to open your heart and dare to live from it. It is our life’s mission to help people accomplish living from the heart.


It takes courage and strength to do so. For this reason we like to help our guests to regain their own strength. To help our guests to stand firm on the ground of their own life. Because if you have solid ground underneath your feet, you have the ability to not only open and live from your heard. But to bring your own medicine into the world.

If you have any questions, want to book an appointment, or want to join a workshop / training:

Please contact us. we love to discus the possibility's with you

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