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Terra Firme is not only a retreat center where you can find a place of rest. We offer also a place for education. You can find all the information about the shamanic teachings from Terra Firme on this page. 

For questions you can contact Janna she is the driving force behind the shamanic teachings of Terra Firme.



Shamanic course:
Strong Roods

On this page you can read everything about our Shamanic year training: Strong roods. This is a deepening and powerful education program for everyone who wants to learn moor about shamanism.


During this training you will be guided through the path of initiation within shamanism. We will follow the wisdom of nature from a shamanic point of view. Knowledge and wisdom that is embedded within the traditions and cultures from all over the world. Not only will you learn the basic principles and practice of shamanism during this training. You will also learn to use your own personal power. 


Every person has unique talents. These talent’s we call our personal medicine. We will focus on developing our own talents so we can create a personal working method. We will make space for active training and practice of the medicine we have to offer to the world.

How does it work?

Shamanism is both a experiential way of learning and a individual path. That means you will need to actively practise and also you need a experienced person to guide you through the teachings. Strong roods is a shamanic year course, or a shamanic year of training where you will receive a full-on education of a year.

During this program you will receive weekly lessons. Those lessons will always contain a video message with explanation. A written text with back ground theory from the subject that you will study that week. And all lessons will be containing homework assignments that will be reviewed by your teacher. This guaranty that you receive a full circle of learning: you receive explanation on a specific topic, than you have time for self-study + active training, and afterwards you will show your homework and receive feedback on your progress. 

Because shamanism is a highly personal journey, it is important to be able to have a open and personal contact. To keep the training personal we schedule monthly meetings. In those meetings there is time to connect and speak about the training. If there is something that needs more explanation or attention: those are the moments to ask questions. To monitor your progress in between the meetings we use an online platform where you can summit your homework.

Doing this training will mean that you will have to dedicate your own time to follow the lessons and do the homework exercises. It is difficult to say how much time you need during the week for this education program. Some lessons take more time than others. Some lessons will come easy to you, other lessons will take you more time to master. 

I think it is safe to say that this training will take you between 2 till 4 hours a week. (+- 1 hour to watch the video, read the text and make some side notes. And the rest to the time to do the homework exercises.)

To join this course, stand tall like a tree

and grow your own Strong Roods: klick the button

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Why this training?

Shamanism is a highly personal journey. I did experience myself how difficult it was to find the right teacher. I was lucky that I found many different amazing teachers who did take time to educate me and follow my progress. The only reason this was possible for me, was by devoting my life to this progress of learning.


That sounds nice. But this it also meant that I did had to travel towards those differed teachers. I was in the position to do this. I did had the time because of my own flexible work schedule and because I had not jet hade a family of my own. This made me free to choose my own priority's. And still it took a great tool on the personal obligations that I had in my life.

I understand that not for everyone it is possible to travel the world to find the right teachers. I understand that this haze nothing to do with a lack of commitment to the urge to develop yourself. I understand that this haze nothing to do with a lack of commitment to this calling you feel inside. It is only a lack of possibility.


Whether it's about time, money or a tight personal schedule of obligations: everyone should be able to receive a proper education program. 

The training that I offer gives you the freedom to follow this program from all over the world. You do not have to travel to me: We meet online. This saves time and money. Also it gives you the freedom to fit this education program in your own daily life.


Still this training is build in a way that you receive a traditional transmission of knowledge. Just as I received myself and the teachers before me. 


What does this mean?

During the shamanic training you will receive:

-          52 weeks of shamanic training

-          48 lessons

-          12 Skype sessions

-          Online homework guidance


This program will give you al the fundamental knowledge to start practising shamanism. I am in full trust that this program gives you a full-on education that will allow you to find your own practice.  

Not only will you receive this knowledge, you also receive enough personal guidance to find and develop your own unique personal talents and medicine that you have to offer to this world.  


To join this course, stand tall like a tree

and grow your own Strong Roods: klick the button 


This shamanistic year training is build on 48 different lessons divided in 11 chapters. This is the curriculum of the training: 

Chapter 1: Universal laws of energy work

During this chapter you will learn about the universal laws of energy work. this chapter contains the fundament of all the shamanic work we will do in the future 

Chapter 2: Tools

During this chapter we will discover differed kind of tools we can use within shamanism. We will learn their meaning and how we can work with them. 

Chapter 3: Fundamentals

In the lessons of this chapter we will learn about the fundamental pillars that we live with, work with and worship within shamanism. We will deepen our connection with Mother earth. Connect with God and the Goddess. Learn a deeper understanding of the divine. And we will deepen our connection with our ancestors.  

Chapter 4: Protection and closure

Within shamanism you can do deep and healing work for yourself and others. But if you do so: it is important to know how to do it in a way that is safe. When you practicing shamanism, you work with energy. In this chapter you will learn how to deal with difficult situations and work with energy in a safe way.

Chapter 5: The 4 elements

Air, Fire, Water and Earth are very powerful and healing entities. During this chapter you will learn a deeper understanding of the 4 elements. 

Chapter 6: The 4 directions of wind

East, South, West and North are the 4 directions of wind. Each of them haze their own spirit. All of them have a very powerful energy. During this chapter you will learn how to work with them and how to connect with them. 

Chapter 7: The 3 worlds

Within shamanism we recognize the 3 different worlds: the upper world, the middle world and the under world. During this chapter you will learn about their meaning. what this can mean to you and how you can connect and work with those different worlds.  

Chapter 8: Bringing all together

At this point of the training you will have learned a lot of knowledge and practiced a lot of differed ways of working with energy and connecting with spirits. We will bring all we have learned together in the understanding of ceremony's, rituals and the cirkle

Chapter 9: Cyclic life

As humans we live within the different cycles of nature. The moon, the sun and the 4 seasons have a strong effect on our lives. During this chapter we will connect more with cyclic life.

Chapter 10: Working Practical 

After al the knowledge you have learned the only thing that is left, is a little tweaking. We will work in a practical way with different entities and start creating our own personal pantheon. 

Chapter 11: Free lessons

This Chapter is still empty at the start of your own personal training. The duration of this course is 1 year. That means 52 weeks of training. This course content 48 lessons.


There are no breaks in this program: You will study this full year. I did ad those 4 weeks that are still empty to give you some space. It is up to you how you want to use those weeks: Maybe at some point in time you need to take a rest. Or you want to take longer time with a lesson. Maybe you want to revisit a lesson of a few months ago. Or Maby you want to use this weeks to dive in to a new topic. 

I want to learn more

My name is Janna Rasteiro - de Weerd

"After many years of training, learning, growing and practising. I will be happy to guide you along this incredible path of shamanic initiation. During this shamanic training I will be on your side. To guide you, to help you grow and find your own unique way of practise."


To join this program, to learn to stand tall like a tree and grow your own strong Roods: Klick the button. This will bring you to the online platform of the education program. 

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